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Continuous Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Equipment



The waste plastic is heated without oxygen so that the polymers are decomposed and gasified into shorter chains of hydrocarbons. This process is called pyrolysis, which is a mature technology for batch model pyrolysis plant in China. But for the continuous model pyrolysis plant, few suppliers can make it well.

Continuous pyrolysis machine
Capacity:5000T/Year; 10,000T/Year; 20,000T/Year;
Waste tire continuous pyrolysis machine Process
→ The Plastic scrap is shredded into flake or powder.
→ Heat the reactor with external energy, such as diesel oil(about 600-900kg) or natural gas.
→The powder is continuously to be fed into the drum reactor.
→ The powder is converted into gas and carbon black in the reactor.
→ The gas goes into the condensers. Some gas is cooled down to liquid oil. Some is No Condensable Gas, we call it NCG. The NCG will be used as fuel to heat the reactor, so no need external energy any more.
→ The oil goes into oil tank and carbon black will be automatically transferred to the carbon black refining system to make pellets.
→ The flue gas produced by the pyrolysis line will be cleaned to meet the environmental standard then discharged.